Growing in Christ (G.I.C.)


Growing In Christ (G.I.C.) Children's Ministry

GIC is our children’s ministry which prepares our future leaders. The children have a great deal of fun and excitement in children’s church and many of them find Christ there as well.


We believe children are precious to the Lord. Therefore, we endeavor to provide loving, quality care and well planned Bible learning activities to equip you children for their Christian walk. We pray for them regularly during service.


We teach the children what the adults are learning on a level that they can understand. Coloring pictures of Christ will not help them live for Him. Even though we color picture we teach what the picture is all about.


Our children’s ministry includes:

Sunday classes that are organized according to grade school levels, our Children’s Church, divided into worship, music and discipleship training and our Kid Stuff program ministering to children as well as parents, providing activities such as skits, music, etc. and information about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Curriculum from several nation ministries is used in our children’s church along with the creative assignments from our anointed staff and volunteers.


It is our goal that a firm commitment to Christ is developed in our children from grade school to college and that no one will be able to move them away from faith in Christ Jesus.

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