Unified Radical Youth (U.R.Y.)


Mission Statement

Igniting a spiritual fire in our youth that won't be contained through learning the word of God, praying, and worship.


Vision Statement

To equip the youth with the armor they will need to be young leaders in the ministry. To allow the word to become alive to youth making it relevant in their lives. To make church an experience that they love to be a part of and not something they are required to do. To give the youth tools to reach friends, family's, and nations. To develop mighty men and women of God that transcend the generations before them.


We want the youth to be able to learn the word while being able to be open and honest about what they are dealing with. We want them to become comfortable praying, worshipping, and witnessing. We want to create a environment that is both fun and informative. We want to involve the youth so that they truly feel like they have a part in the ministry. We want youth group to become a place they want to be and are excited to invite their friends.

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